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Jennie Platero
19 years living | Focusing Psyche
" 95% is Reaction. "
The rippling effect of a single, chosen, action.


Stars - Your ex-lover is dead (Final Fantasy Remix)

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As he was a clock, I became a tower
As he were the grass, I grew to be a flower
As he was the window, I opened as a door
As he was the carpet, I lay as the floor

As he was the sky, I drifted as a cloud
As he was the silence, I spoke the loud
As he was a castle, I flowed as a moat
As he was the ocean, I was his boat

But when I was a heart, he was not my blood
And when I was a drought, he was not a flood
When I was a worry, he was not a care
And when I was alone, he was not there.

— (via paralian)